FAQ Frequently asked questions

How can I receive my tickets?

You will receive QR code on the email address you gave.

Show your telephone with the QR code to the person checking the tickets at the entrance of the venue.  Alternatively , you can print the QR code and show it to the person checking tickets.
You will receive your tickets right after purchase via email. Please be aware to write your email correctly. If you are mistaken when writing your email address and did not received the tickets right after finish the payment please contact: info@btickets.com

Return and exchange of the tickets

Refund procedure is only possible when the event is canceled.
In the case of a cancellation, postponement or changes to the cast or the programme no expenses incurred (e.g. transport, hotel, advance sales fee or delivery charges) will be refunded. In the case of a cancellation, postponement or any other form of change of an event Btickets reserves the right to inform those customers who have bought tickets for this event of these changes. This information is a volunteer service of Btickets and will take place by if correct contact data is provided. 

Admission for children under 18 years old

Can I bring my child to the event and under what conditions?

If the events start after 10 pm. and take place at a venue with consumption of alcohol, minors are not allowed.
For all other events children under 6 years old enter without a ticket if they do not take up seat.
Children under 18 years old are allowed only against a declaration and with an adult.