May10 20:00h

Enrique Iglesias returns with a new bunch of hot hits and a series of mega shows – part of his brand new tour All The Hits Live

Undoubtedly, one of the most influential figures in contemporary pop music, Enrique Iglesias causes a furore with his every appearance all over the world. For the joy of his huge fanbase around Europe, the Latin star presents his brand new show All The Hits Live. From the beginning of 2018, the singer is in top artistic shape performing an exclusive series of sold-out concerts throughout Western Europe - with his new production he went throughpleased the audiences in Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Oslo, Athens, Munich, Copenhagen and Lisbon, On Sept 30th, this year his show in Kiev, Ukraine, marked an attendance of  77,000 people.

All The Hits Live, as it appears from the title, will delight the fans of modern Latin sound with 100% hit songs. And there's no other way, because each new single of the artist turns into an absolute bestseller.

In the course of only two years, Enrique Iglesias released four total hits - Duele El Corazon, Subeme La Radio, El Baño and Move To Miami, dominating all world charts. In fact, there is no other pop performer at the moment, who has createds so many hits in such a short time. There is hardly a connoisseur of the modern club sound that cannot recognize one of the listed melodies. Thus, Enrique becomes one of the legislators of contemporary 21st-century pop culture.

All The Hits Live comes with a brand new show production, including a 550 square- meters stage, a 250 square- meters LED screen wall, over 300 lightning units, a new laser show, a new pyro show with its most impressive effect – the falling firewall.

The stage is comprised oflaid out in a complex set of two platforms (Stage A and Stage B) connected by a corridor at both ends of the standing area connected by a corridor. The pop maniacs can will be able to see Enrique Iglesias circulating continuously between Stage A and Stage B along the corridor while performing his exclusive hits.

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